Churchman Productions
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Churchman Productions has produced hundreds of television commercials, many focused on promoting local TV news programs across the country.
Director Peter Churchman loves working with people....from regular folks to celebrities, from news anchors to actors. His ability to relate and engage with people keeps him busy with dozens of Man on the Street/Real People campaigns, as well as scripted dramatic and comic spots. Peter’s directing history also features longer format productions focusing on social services for non profits.
Peter's vast experience makes him uniquely qualified in the world of TV news promotion. Quite simply, no one has worked with more anchors, and directed more local TV news spots. He has filmed anchors and reporters in more than 25 stations in the top 30 markets. His gift for putting talent at ease, making them look and sound great, and telling a good story, brings him repeat business for ID’s, image campaigns, and spots with a personal touch.

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